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Our services are streamed live every Sunday at 10:30AM.

Learning together to

Love God



Out of a belief in the gospel, we are called to love God through engaging worship and vibrant discipleship. God’s glory, not our preferences, will guide decisions we make. His beauty, majesty and holiness will overwhelm and govern our lives. We desire to spread His fame in Fort Collins and beyond!

Love People



Out of a belief in the gospel, we are called to love others.  As a community, we are to live out the gospel through truth, love, hospitality, and kindness.  We are not solely about the individual, but the body.  We move into, not out of, the city and the world. Through the gospel, God blesses and makes us a blessing.  Christ meets our needs that we may serve God and others!

Love Life



Out of a belief in the gospel, we will passionately live out the gospel life where we live, work, and play.  We are called to enter work by taking the “formless” and “raw” places of the world and cultivating them. We will celebrate what God has done in creation literally eating and drinking to the glory of God! There will be a sense of longing in our midst as we wait for the new heavens and the new earth.